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  1. infant sleeping in carseat

    Keeping the Kids in Your Car Safe: Child Passenger Safety Week Tips

    School’s back in session and, with it, an emphasis on car safety. Specifically, Child Passenger Safety Week kicked off on Monday, September 17th. During this safety week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) works alongside the National Child Passenger Safety Board (NCPSB) to provide training and resources on how to transport children safely. The […]

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  2. Midtown Greenway Bike Path

    Summer Bike Commuting Means More Crashes—Be Alert!

    With summer in full swing, people across the Twin Cities are biking more frequently. This includes many workers who take advantage of the great weather by riding their bikes to the office. As more cyclist-commuters take to the streets, and the greater our numbers are out there, we see a correlated increase in bike/vehicle crashes. […]

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  3. Cyclists riding in the bike lane

    Bike Crash & Cyclist Rights Resources

    Bike Month starts in just a few short days! In anticipation of all the cyclists getting on the road and bikeways, we thought it may be helpful for you to review all the information we have provided on bike crashes, cyclist rights and much more. Cyclist Rights Infographic Download our Minnesota-specific biking rights and responsibilities […]

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  4. silhouette of three construction workers

    Know Your Options if You’ve Been Injured at Work

    Most American workers know what workers’ compensation is. They know that it is insurance coverage designed to pay for medical expenses and other costs if they experience an on-the-job injury or illness. Many also believe that workers’ compensation is their only option after a work accident or injury. There are other options available, however. Filing […]

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  5. cycling-stop

    What to Do When Getting Pulled Over On a Bike

    Many cyclists aren’t aware until it happens to them, but you absolutely can get pulled over on a bike. Under Minnesota law, the same traffic rules that apply to cars and other motor vehicles apply to bicycles (with certain exceptions). If cyclists are caught breaking these traffic rules, they can be stopped and cited. Bicyclists […]

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