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Minnesota Child Support Law

Child support in divorce can often be a touchy issue for both spouses. In the state of Minnesota, child support payments are usually handled in a court of law to ensure that the child’s best interests are protected.

Here at The Law Offices of Daniel J. Brazil, P.A., we can help you with any child support issues you might face. Our family law attorneys are compassionate about the wellbeing and sensitivity of these matters and will work to ensure you get the best outcome possible, regardless of your position in the situation.

Minnesota Child Support Guidelines

The state of Minnesota has calculated a specific set of child support guidelines based on a ‘shared income’ model. Recently, theses guidelines were changed to not only reflect the income of both parents, but also the amount of time each parent spends with the child or children. This means that the income of both parents is considered when determining child support payments and an appropriate percentage of the money required to raise a child is shared between the parties on a monthly basis.

Failure to pay child support is a very serious issue in the state of Minnesota and comes with severe consequences. If you have lost your job or suffered a serious illness or injury that has resulted in income loss, it is possible to modify your child support payments but not without a qualified Minnesota family law attorney. At The Law Offices of Daniel J. Brazil, P.A., we can assist you with any issue regarding child support and the modification of child support payments.

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