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Defense of Drug Charges

Whether you have been arrested for possession of marijuana, prescription drugs or drug paraphernalia, it is pertinent that you have an experienced attorney standing by your side through every step of the process. The penalties relating to drug possession crimes in Minnesota can be complicated because they depend greatly on the type of drug in your possession and how much of it there was at the time you were arrested. Both misdemeanor and felony drug possession charges can mean harsh sentencing ramifications and a permanent mark on your criminal record.

Thus, if you are charged with such an offense, the assistance of a thorough and determined Minneapolis drug defense attorney is crucial in reviewing your case and protecting your rights. Even if this is your first time facing criminal charges, you need to defend yourself against these allegations. Our criminal defense attorneys can help work towards having these penalties greatly reduced, or, if evidence warrants, have the charges dismissed.

To learn more about how The Law Offices of Daniel J. Brazil, P.A. can help you fight against drug charges, contact our offices for a free, confidential consultation at 612-874-6109.

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