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Fathers Rights Attorney in Minnesota

A father’s rights in Minnesota are legally no different than a mother’s rights. Additionally, courts no longer automatically award custody to the mother in custody disputes. That being said, fathers can still face an uphill battle in the Minnesota family court system. We are here to make sure you have the right arsenal on your side to properly protect your rights.

At The Law Offices of Daniel J. Brazil in Uptown, we help dads who care about their children and want to be part of their children’s lives. Minneapolis divorce attorney and fathers’ rights attorney Daniel J. Brazil is here to help you advocate for your access to your child. Contact our family law firm today to learn more about how our family law knowledge and experience can be of service to you.


You are only assumed the biological father of your child if you were married to your child’s mother at the time of birth. In any other situation, you will be required to establish paternity to enforce your rights as a dad.

You can establish paternity in one of two ways: each parent can sign a document called the Recognition of Parentage in an uncontested paternity case; or, an alleged father can choose (or be ordered) to take a DNA test. Once you have proven paternity, you will be eligible for custody rights and will be required to pay child support.

Child Support

The state of Minnesota mandates child support for minor children who have parents who have legally separated, divorced or who have never married. The State will allocate support obligations across both parents in proportion to their contribution to the combined parental income for child support. The State will then adjust costs due to various credits and other issues. As your fathers’ rights attorney, we can make sure you are not being charged an unfair amount of child support.

Child Custody and Parenting Time

Gone are the days of using terms such as child custody and visitation. Today, courts, mediators and evaluators use terms such as parenting plans and parenting time to discuss the relationship that parents have with their children. These terms better recognize the contribution that both parents bring to a child’s life.

Regardless of what terms are used, the end result is often the same — each parent has a set amount of time that he or she gets to spend with each child. We can help you make sure you have valuable time dedicated to spend with your child. We can also help you understand the affect your parenting time will have on any child support obligations.

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