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Gay Rights to Marriage in Minnesota

In May 2013, Minnesota became the twelfth state in the U.S. to offer marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples. With this move, same sex couples that marry now have access to the same medical, tax and legal benefits that married couples receive. Even with this progressive step, members of the GLBT community still face an uphill battle when it comes to many situations. That is where we at The Law Offices of Daniel J. Brazil step in.

Advocating for Legal Rights for GLBT Couples

At our Uptown law firm, we are strong advocates for justice for the LBGT community. The Minnesota Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in many situations, including employment, education, housing and public services. Whether you choose to marry your partner or not, there are steps you can take to protect your rights:

  • Children: Whether one or neither of you are a biological parent to your child, we highly suggest you pursue adoption to best protect your custodial rights. This can help you assert your parental rights with doctors’ offices, schools and courts. Learn more about the adoption process and how we can help by reaching out to our law office.
  • Property and support: If you live with your partner, but are not married, we can help you protect your rights to property and financial support should you and your partner separate. We will help you craft an agreement akin to a prenuptial agreement that can address separate property, joint property and maintenance payments.
  • Health care: You and your partner can support one another’s health care decisions by providing each other with health care powers of attorney. This will allow you to make decisions for your spouse should your spouse be unable to, and vice versa.
  • Estates: If you and your partner are not married when one of you passes away, the state will not automatically see your or your partner as the main beneficiary. You can address this issue by creating a tailored estate plan that specifically names your partner as such. This can assist in making the settlement of your estate an easier process for your partner after you are gone.

Let Us Be Your Advocates for Justice and Equality

While the battle for gay rights to marriage wages across the state and the nation, there are many tools that our family law attorneys can help you protect your rights as a GLBT couple right now. Contact our Uptown law office online or call us at 612-874-6109 to learn more in a free consultation. We are based in Minneapolis and are available to represent couples throughout the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota.

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