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Personal Injury

Dan Brazil,

I have been meaning to officially thank you for working with Nathan and I through such a difficult life experience. I was very fortunate to have you referred to us by Angela. My healing process and time home after the accident was stress free thanks to your work. You made the whole situation easier and understandable for both Nathan and I, we truly appreciate it. You are a caring person and attorney that had given Nathan and I relief through the process knowing you had our best interest in mind. Thank you.

With some of the money we received, we decided to celebrate and hike the Inca Trail with my newly healed pelvis. Without you, we probably would not have been able to navigate the insurances to pay our medical bills and have some extra for a dream trip and savings. It was a great way to celebrate the end of that experience. Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. We are grateful for everything you did for us.

Emily and Nathan P. – Minneapolis, MN

Personal Injury

Upon being injured in an automobile accident and beginning to be swept into the nameless, faceless insurance machine, I sought the services of Dan Brazil. I met with Dan to determine what my options were and his knowledge and expertise was unquestionable. I knew I would be well taken care of with the options presented to me. His thorough explanations and attention to detail was evident. Dan helped alleviate my feelings of frustration during the insurance/medical process with his kindness, understanding, and support. I highly recommend The Law Offices of Daniel J. Brazil, P.A. to anyone seeking trustworthy, sincere law professionals with a personal touch.

I hold Dan Brazil in high regard and strongly recommend him.

J.E. – Princeton, MN

Personal Injury

The last thing I wanted to deal with after my accident was the legal aspect. I was emotionally distraught, in physical pain, and confused about how to handle the situation. Luckily with Dan my health and healing could remain my focus while he walked me through the legal processes involved in the accident. He listened to my concerns and needs and made sure that I knew all of the options that were available to me. I appreciated his thorough explanation of my rights in the situation as well as all of the actions I could take at each step in the process. Being in an accident was difficult enough, but fortunately with Dan I could relax knowing that I had an understanding and knowledgeable ally to guide me through the legal system. I couldn’t recommend him and his staff highly enough.

S.P. – Minneapolis, MN

Personal Injury

I retained Dan after I was hit by a car while riding my bike to work. My left leg had major breaks in both bones below the knee and I was unable to do anything without the aid of others. The entire process took a while (as with any case) but with Dan’s help, it was incredibly easy going. He was right there at all times whenever I needed advice or had a question regarding my case. He was very easy to work with every step of the way. I would hate to see anyone get hurt like I did but if anything similar happened to anyone I know, I would not hesitate sending them straight to Dan. In my opinion, there is no better, worthwhile lawyer a person could ask for. Dan is a real person, not just a lawyer who is there to make a paycheck. Overall, I couldn’t possibly be happier with the way everything turned out while working with him. THANK YOU!

S. Turner- Minneapolis, MN

Criminal Defense

Dan, you have helped three members of my family with legal issues, throughout the process you were very caring, sincere and honest with all the situations. I met you through a mutual friend that recommended your law firm to me, he told me that you were very honest and dedicated to your job and that you would do anything possible to help me out in my difficult situation. At the present time you are representing my daughter for a DWI. She was very scared and nervous before she met with you, after meeting with you she felt more at ease about the situation. Having the need for an attorney is usually a difficult situation, its nice having someone like you in my corner. I have and always will recommend you to any one needing a legal attorney. You can tell when someone is very passionate about the career that they have chosen for themselves, and without a doubt you chose the right career.

T. Divinski- St. Paul, MN

Family Law

While searching for an attorney for my divorce I was referred to Dan. During my consultation visit I was impressed with his knowledge and patience in answering my many questions. It was a very emotional time for me and Dan handled everything in an extremely professional and tactful manner. When I found myself in a long, expensive custody battle, both Dan and Jim were a great help. They would frequently explain to me ways I could cut my costs in this divorce and fights I probably wouldn’t win and would wind of wasting my money. Knowing I was a struggling single mother, Dan was very conscience of my finances and worked with me throughout the process with not only my payments but also being very conscience of charges I incurred. He truly does work for you and fights for what you want but also explains to you if something might be a lost cause and an unnecessary expense, unlike many attorneys. He would encourage me to try to negotiate with my ex on my own throughout this divorce to cut down on my costs.

Both Jim and Dan were always there to answer my questions and go over things with me. Thanks to Dan and Jim, after a very long and emotionally draining battle, I ended up with almost everything I had requested from the divorce and custody.

A.W.- Farmington, MN

Family Law and Personal Injury

I met Dan about two years ago. It was by chance, I was looking for an attorney to help me with a divorce, and I called a few attorneys before finding Dan. In fact, one of the attorneys I called gave me Dan’s number. When I called him he was so nice and understanding. He understood that I didn’t have a lot of money. He worked hard to accommodate me to meet my needs.

One Year later, in April of 2003, my family and I were involved in a tragic accident. My son died from injuries sustained, four days after the accident. The insurance company didn’t want me to hire an attorney, but I trusted Dan and asked for his help. Again, he helped me, asking for less money than any other attorney would have. I would recommend Dan Brazil to anyone needing an attorney for almost any reason. Me being a religious person, now I know that our meeting wasn’t by chance, but was preparation for what happened in April of 2003.

J. Harris- Coon Rapids, MN

Personal Injury

After being attacked by a dog in 2002, I knew little of what my legal rights were. Friends told me I could go directly to the dog owner’s insurance company, but that any settlement would probably be minimal. It was at this point, that I first met with Dan Brazil. Dan did all of the negotiating with the insurance company, but I was kept informed during each step of the process. Dan made me feel very involved, while requiring a minimal investment of my own time. Dan’s knowledge and professionalism were evident through the entire process, and the settlement far exceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate to refer Dan Brazil to anyone involved in a personal injury dispute.

J. Raynes- Burnsville, MN

Personal Injury

I was in an accident regarding a commercial vehicle. The accident left me injured and unable to do many everyday things. I decided to seek counsel and happened to hear about Dan Brazil and his law firm. I wasn’t sure what to expect or even what to do after the accident so I made the first appointment, within days I was relieved when Dan gave me expert advice and defined the options that were available to me. From the very first appointment the entire staff did everything they could to make me feel right at home. They were very professional, and explained everything before asking me to make any serious decisions. Dan has always been honest and upfront with me; I know that no one else would have worked harder for me. Throughout the whole process I was nothing but amazed with the high standards of quality Dan and his staff gave to me. As the case was coming to a close Dan and Jim worked very hard to see that I was happy with the outcome and I couldn’t have been more pleased! My hospital bills were very large and they did everything in their power to make sure that those bills were reduced, in the long run saving me a substantial amount of money. If you have been in an accident and it’s totally devastated you, the first person you should call is Dan Brazil and his law firm. The only regret I have is that I didn’t call him sooner!

R. Mitchell- St. Paul, MN

Family Law

Dear Mr. Brazil: As I reflect on the tumultuous proceedings of the past year, the time has come for me to properly express to you, my deepest thanks for your successful advocacy on behalf of my Grandson. Without your skilled and tireless intervention his safety and future would have been irrevocably jeopardized.

My two year old Grandson is thriving presently, because of the legal hurdles you overcame on his behalf. As I participated in the hearings and investigations, your concern for my grandson became more and more evident. In addition to providing me with expert legal representation, you committed yourself to understanding the nuances and particulars of my situation. Your dedication and familiarity of all circumstances played a vital role in our success.

Although the system was reticent to transfer custody, your professionalism and determination instilled a confidence in me that enabled me to keep fighting. Few attorneys would have persevered in the face of such daunting resistance. I am so relieved that my grandson is safe.

When I considered choosing an attorney for this matter I had dozens of connections and options to choose from. When I chose you, I literally entrusted you with the greatest of responsibilities. Thank you so much for taking that responsibility to heart.

All my Best,

M. Billington- Afton, MN

Estate Planning

I have known Dan Brazil for over 10 years. We met when I needed someone to prepare a will for me. I was a single parent with two children. Over the years I have had different problems and questions regarding my children, titling of real estate, divorce, and estate planning. Dan has always taken the time to answer all my questions, and if he does not know the answer or feels that someone else could address the situation better he has always been willing to tell me. He has been honest, and when necessary has been the voice of reason I needed to hear. I trust Dan completely and have always given his name to my friends in the hope that they will prepare a will, as so few people do. I believe that Dan is the kind of person and the kind of lawyer that you know is going to be honest and dependable.

I was recently married and Dan worked with my new husband and me on our estate plan. We were able to quickly prepare a new will for the both of us with a living will as well. Again, Dan was patient and diligent in working out the details to make sure everything we needed was addressed.

With all the lawyers out there it is a comfort to me to know that I can call Dan and always get an honest answer to any questions I have.

D. Erlandson- Eden Prairie, MN

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