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In the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs, serious traffic accidents often happen on major freeways including I-35W, I-35E and I-94. In the city and in other locations statewide and in neighboring states as well, major crashes also take place on lesser-known highways, county roads and city streets.

Car wrecks causing serious injury include single-car accidents (such as rollovers or collisions with construction barriers), intersection crashes, sideswipe accidents on highways, rear-end accidents and head-on collisions (often happening when one vehicle is going the wrong way on a freeway).

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Whatever the circumstances, it is in your best interests to contact a lawyer right away after a serious car accident. Obtaining just compensation for the injured or for surviving family members is far too complex for the average person to accomplish by simply filing an insurance claim.

Legal challenges in car accidents include determining who was at fault, determining which insurance policies or other sources of compensation are applicable, navigating the accidental insurance claims system, ensuring that the injured person has immediate and continual access to the best quality medical care available and watching out for the victim’s interests at every stage of the case, in addition to gathering critical evidence that often is overlooked by the injured party or his/her family members until it is often too late to secure.

Attorney Daniel J. Brazil represents auto accident victims in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area or elsewhere, he gets right to work by taking witness statements, interfacing with law enforcement and insurance claims representatives, and preparing to present a compelling case in favor of maximum compensation for the accident victim

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