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Train Accidents

Minnesota has many railroad tracks carrying from 25 to 50 trains a day through their communities. While various Federal laws attempt to limit an injured family’s rights to pursue claims against railroads, The Law Offices of Daniel J. Brazil, P.A. are able to help explain a family’s options in cases involving either car/train or pedestrian/train injuries.

Tragically, each year there are approximately 4,000 train-vehicle collisions that occur at railroad crossings. These collisions result in about 400 fatalities and 1,100 injuries. For this reason, if you or a member of your family has been involved in a train accident, you have to be able to protect your rights.

Like other carriers, railroad companies must maintain strict safety standards and are ultimately responsible for passenger safety. But, since accidents involve a government owned or operated company, railroad accident claims must comply with specific guidelines including strict time constraints for reporting injuries and filing lawsuits. This makes cases against railroads very difficult and rarely successful, but with the right attorney, a thorough analysis of the case is still crucial and important. If you have been injured in a train wreck or railroad crossing accident, an attorney from The Law Offices of Daniel J. Brazil, P.A. can represent you and ensure you receive full compensation for your losses.

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